28 February 2009

Kylie Turns THREE

It was Kylie's 3rd Birthday and we were among the few honoured guests being invited by Karen for the mini celebration.

Together with us were QQ and her Prince, GY as well as Doris and her Princess, Jeanie. Doris clinched the "last-to-reach" title again. Well well, dun worry, no one is gonna snatch this title away from her. She may choose to keep it as long as she likes. :p

As it was a mini celebration among close friends, I made the request for HB to join in as dun wanna leave Denz out of the fun moments.

Food order were placed way beforehand to facilitate the celebration to be a smooth one. Each guest was given a set of kid's meal. I felt like a kid too. There were some finger foods as well.

Cake-cutting was shortly after everyone finished their food. Nice "Mickey & Friends" Ice-cream cake.

The kids sung the classic Birthday song in both English and Mandarin.

The kids enjoyed themselves very much from food to cake; balloons and fun.... Denz enjoyed feeding himself with the corn kernal like a chicken..hahaha! Wenz' mind was only full of PLAY..PLAY..PLAY...she ate so little and reluctant to eat. All she knew was to play....

Whatever it is, we wanna wish Kylie a happy and memorable 3rd Birthday. May she be pretty, healthy and cheerful always! Must listen to your mummy okie! :)

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