27 July 2008

Sexy Lips

Look at my lips, aren't they sexy and irresistible for you to kiss me? muacks :p

Jie jie has the same cherry colored lips as me.

Who is the culprit for causing our lips to be sooo sexy? Well well, let me reveal the secret to our natural redness color on our lips. Natural flavouring, No artificial coloring and no preservatives added......still clueless? *drum rolling* Okay okay, it's the "Dragon Fruit" lah. *bleah* :p

I love eating it but jiejie only wants to add color to her lips cos she thot it is a lipstick. Well, this is a much better 'lipstick' than jiejie's lollipop, at least it wouldn't cause stickiness to the lips :)


  1. Mummy, I like your blogging style. It's expressive and lively. I guess I'm the only member in the family that not eat dragon fruit. Hee! Hee!

  2. Denz looked so grown up, not chubby like before :) He resembles his Papa :P

  3. hi megan and ryan,

    it doesn't seems that i can access ur blog anymore. My email is haro_ogenki@yahoo.com.sg

    Can add me in ur invited list? Thks :)


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