02 July 2008

The Night Zoo

Of course I know the night zoo is called the Night Safari but this is the term we made known to Wenz as she still dunno the meaning of SAFARI. Hb's company has a family day promo for the tickets payable at $6 each inclusive of tram ride and $4 F&B vouchers. Isn't that a steal? Hb bot 2 tixs and we brought Wenz to the night zoo yesterday night. Luckily my bro gave us a ride there after dinner at our house and we managed to reached at their opening hour at 7.30pm.

Wenz was thrilled. It was a new and great experience for the 3 of us as we have never been there before too. Gal was so happy looking at the big big fishes outside the ....erm....not so glam...toilet, hahahaha :)

We took the tram right after entering into the premises. I'd say the ride was great too. 7.30pm is the best time to reach cos when we were on the tram, we could see all animals at every stop coming out for their dinner.

Right after the ride, we went for the safari show. There were only 2 time slots scheduled at 8.30pm and 9.30pm. The show was entertaining showing all the nocturnal animals. We were greeted by howling wolves at the start of the show making Wenz so scared as she could co-relate to the story "The wolf and the seven little kids" that I used to tell her.

It was also my 1st time seeing a night owl. Initially I was told an owl's neck is very very flexible and could turn 360 degress. It was only until this show then I got the fact right that owl only turn 270 degress. Silly me :)

All of us enjoyed watching and this gal was lucky enuf as she was given a wooden fan by a tourist. He found her so adorable I think. Gal of course happy like a bird and began playing with it. The overall experience there was fabulous but it will be too costly to visit if we pay the full fare which will be $32 per adult with tram ride. So ex right?

We waited for the crowd to disperse before making our way out. Seriously I think the ground holding the show couldn't accomodate all the visitors, somemore with only 2 time slots.

The crowd waiting for the next show was a lot. Luckily we reached early and watched earlier too. We then slowly make our way out to the exit and shop around to see if anything is unique and interesting.

My goodness....the souvenirs were so pricey. But it looks nice. Gal was trying on an elephant hat. After which, we make our way to Ben & Jerry for ice-cream to fully utilise our $8 F&B vouchers before heading home. Sorry no pics of the ice-cream as all was busy eating and slurping away. :p


  1. I must say the trip was relaxing and enjoyable. Little walking wif a lot of animals to see. No need to endure strong sun rays as well. Thx for the posting honey!

  2. looks fun!!! wenz must have enjoyed herself a lot!


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