10 July 2008

Lotz of Lollipopz

These are what I got for Wenz after I received my mid-year bonus. Sweet treats isn't it? Mummy has searched locally for mini Chupa Chups but they aren't very easy to find. So there was this one day that I saw mummy searching for mini Chupa Chups on Ebay. Being a guru of Ebay (like real), I purchased these from a UK seller for approximately S$40 (including shipping). It was probably not economical but it's definitely Wenz' top ten wish list items. A total of 70 mini Chupa Chups for Wenz to eat till her baby teeth drop. Ha! Ha!

Oops! I have overlooked the aspect of healthy eating. Let mummy see to it then. I'm sure kiasu mummy will give in moderation.

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