19 July 2008


Brought Wenz to the East Coast Park on Saturday for cycling and BBQ-ing as arranged by our fotang's committee.

Princess enjoyed herself especially when I cycled her around on the bicycle. My dad was busy setting up the flame on the BBQ pit and mum busy getting the food ready for BBQ.

Everyone appears busy and occupied with activities. The adults busy with eating and the children busy with playing. :p

Didi was busy with sleeping and ah ma attended to him after his beauty nap. He didn't drink much though cos he wanna savor the adults' foodie as well. His intention was soon proven after he ate lotsa my food.

As the night progressed, didi got really high and was in super good spirit. He was smiling n laughing away all night long while trying very hard to get us to play wif him.

Wenz was happy too but we didn't stay for long as it started drizzing shortly after i have returned the bicycle. The kids enjoyed for sure and I enjoyed too. It has been years since my last BBQ session with frens. :)

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  1. Too bad papa had to work that day, or else we can all wear the family T-shirts.


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