17 July 2008

10 Months Old

Today is didi's 304th day on Planet Earth and he is still as cheery as you could see on the pic. He knows how to put his hands together and clap when u ask him to do so, he could pick up small objects using thumb-index grasping skill pretty well, he crawls in a lightning speed, he displays strong interest on walking, he could take few steps in his playpen but when comes to the real ground he is quite cautious about it and one major discovery is he likes to play with his penis.....Yes, esp when he is naked before or after bath time. I wonder if boys are lidat cos my colleague told me this is pretty normal. Guess I gotto get use to it, hahaha :)

Look at his smile, don't he look cute? Ya this is the time he is most fun to play with but if he decide to throw his highness temper or fake out those irritating cries, you really hope you have the best earphones stuck right in your ears.

Didi for the 1st time received "corporal punishment" from hubby on this fateful day. Really No Joke, CANED on his butt. Got a shock too when I heard this cos feel that he is kinda too young or should I say too small to be caned. This happened when I wasn't at home. Heard from my mum, he was being caned partly bcos of Wenz. All I knew was hubby couldn't tahan his whining and 'grumbling' so he scolded him initially and hb went off to his room. However, didi has already awakened this 'dormant volcano' and this volcano has decided to turn to an active one. So juz when he has cooled down and pacified, in fact was playing happily with ah ma naked as he had juz finish his shower, hb came to him with a cane and swing a few strokes onto his butt. How sad for him!! Well, children will forget easily cos didi seems happy when I got home.

Nvm, he juz have to get use to the harsh world anyway. Be tough my boy. Mummy loves you and I do feel pain in the heart. You outta learn to adapt and deal with different emotions too. Happy 10 months old!!

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  1. Sorry I lost my cool. Always filled with regrets after canning the kids. Must really go for stress management course.......


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