23 July 2008

Denz' 1st Passport

Finally brought didi down ICA to make his very 1st passport last week as we are planning for a short getaway next month. Hmm.....that will be didi's 1st maiden trip out of S'pore besides that ulu ulu ubin sometime back. Anyway didi's passport photo was quite nicely taken at the ICA.

He looks so blur and cute in the photo and I have decided to play around with the photo by putting different frames around it. Does he look like a bunny?

How about this? Smart boy, isn't he? :p

We went to collect his passport as it was ready for collection. His color photo looks much much nicer compared to the scanned-in black and white version on his passport. Well, only 5 years, couldn't complain much though, else another $70 to change loh. :)


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