26 July 2008

House Warming @JW

Mother and daughter getting ready to set off to the extreme west side of Singapore. Happy Wenz loves to wear the same as me. She is forever in high spirit whenever she has the chance to go gai-gai.

We were invited for a house warming by hubby's colleague, Harold. I always enjoy attending house warming cos I love viewing pretty interior with tastefully chosen items found in the house. You can see the owner's effort from the nitty gritty things in the house. We have brought Wenz along as she has recovered from her illness already. Actually we thought of bringing didi along but unfortunately he caught the flu and cough bugs from Wenz and wasn't in his healthy self.

Met lotsa hb's colleagues when we have reached. We helped ourselves to the buffet before viewing the unit. The house was nicely renovated and I love the "Lord of the Ring" Map hung on the wall in the living room. Love the study room too where there were sofa beds to lie on. So cosy and comfy. Wenz got a little bored after sometime. Luckily a little fren came along.

Nisha was her only playmate on that night. Well, they didn't interact much though as they are of different age group. What am I talking about? Children shouldn't have age gap issue as long as there is fun. Nisha's mum aka Shima is a tidbits or should I say snacks lover. Her bag was like Doraemon's pouch, containing lotsa yummy stuff. She gave Wenz gummy and chocolate sticks which of course delighted this little gal.

The big boys really know how to keep themselves entertained. All were happily playing the "Guitar Heroes" on Nintendo Wii, made me kinda 'gian' to learn as well. Think I'm more interested in the drumming game as my fingers could be quite retard to live up to such a job - pressing and strumming. :)

The photographer of the night is this nice guy, Anton desu. Look at the photographs taken by him, it made me feel kinda inferior as the photos taken by me was damn lousy loh. I dun have photography skill at all. Really need to pick up a few tips from him if got the time to chat wif him. I love the above pic on Wenz especially. Hb gave it a name called "Wenz behind bars". Choy choy choy, hahaha :) Swee right?

The 2 kiddos were so shy towards each other. Anton captured them in candid mode is the most natural expression you could ask for. The children successfully portrayed that innocent and pure look.

All of us enjoyed the night out. Thanks to Harold and Grace for inviting us over. All I could say is U guys have a wonderful house. :)

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