21 July 2008

Racial Harmony Day

What is Racial Harmony Day? You could roughly figure out from this title that it should be a day celebrated by all races and religions and to stay harmonised.

I think the best way to instil concepts of racial harmony and social values is by living with it - treating people equally on a daily basis. It is always said easier than done. I would very much like my children to be raised and taught in a 'colour-blind' environment, where they do not judge and also not be judged on the basis of their skin. School plays an important role in this aspect, which is why we have to encourage our children to make friends of different races just like we adults do.

I went to Wenz' school to be a parent volunteer helping out and get involved in the taste of being a teacher. I'd say tiring but rewarding. Above pic was taken by her teacher before Racial Harmony Day.

Too bad Wenz was not well, hence not able to participate in all the fun that awaits her in the school. Well, a sick child gotto rest at home and not spread germs to her friends in school. This is social graciousness loh, kekeke :)

Happy Racial Harmony Day to all....Be good to all ur friends, colleagues and close ones huh.

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