06 July 2008

Let's Get Wet....Splash!

It was a long long time ago since I had my last dip in the pool. Mummy has promised to bring me to the pool everytime she bathe me during the weekend but somewhat never see to light. Think she has some plan in mind and brought me to the pool yesterday and coincidently was a fine weather too as it wasn't too hot. In fact there was overcast in the sky but still we proceeded.

Didi gotto go as well else he will be complaining to ah ma till we come home. He could be really grumpy nowadays when comes to fighting for his rights. :p

I'm one enthu fella and all geared up ready to set off but look at didi, that sian sian expression!!! Guess he think he wouldn't have a chance to go into the water.

I can't wait any longer and kept pacing up and down while waiting for mummy and papa to get changed. Finally mummy was ready and she brought me down the children's pool 1st while waiting for my slow coach papa to join us.

I was a little scare at first cos mummy is well-known for her "No-License" de. She couldn't swim well okay. Papa is the swimmer who goes swimming weekly. Think I better wait for papa to put me down the slide.

Thus mummy off to prepare didi for his fair chance of water-playing. As u all know he is a chicken boy so it is of no surprise for didi to feel takut initially when mummy put him down into the water. He tried to cling on tightly to mummy. However, he got comfortable after a while of warming up and he enjoyed kicking the water with the neck float around him.

Didi didn't stay in the pool for long as he haven't had his morning breakfast. Mummy bathed him first and soon after it was mine turn as Mr Sun has disappeared totally. Well, I could only obliged. True enuf, the moment I stepped out of the pool, it started drizzling. Hmmm.., I'll definitely pester mummy to bring me back for more dips. Hiakz :)


  1. Wenz enjoyed so much that till now she's still ask me to bring for swimming again. Our little princess!

  2. swimming is always a great fun for children!

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