16 July 2008

Ah Ma's Birthday

Time passes by so fast. I remembered ah ma celebrated her 60th Big Birthday last year when didi wasn't out yet and now we are celebrating ah ma's cheena birthday again with didi around of course.

See! How can we miss out this fella? So inpatient waiting for food to be served. Didi was like a worm, couldn't sit still without food in front of him or something interesting to distract him.

The dinner was delicious and everyone was busy filling their tummy which explain why there wasn't any photos of the food. :p

I love the cake-cutting moment the most as usual and look at the cake......looks yummy isn't it? Mummy ordered a Tiramisu cake this time round as it was papa and mummy's fave. Hmm.....strange....how come didn't order ah ma's fave instead? :)

Anyway, the cake was fantastic. It was simply delicious and I even asked for more. My expression should convince you that the cake was yummy isn't it? Not only me, didi enjoyed too.

The night past so fast with all those yummy food and cake. Oops, gotto wish ah ma Happy Birthday before I forget.

Happy Birthday to ah ma. No present though, think I should be able to make u a card next year. I could only give ah ma my kiss as pressie this year. Hope you enjoy ur night.

1 comment:

  1. It's my first time seeing didi eat so much cakes. I luv it too. Mummy made a good choice on picking the cake.


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