01 July 2010

Denz 1st Day of School

Entry by Mummy

Today is my sonny boy's 1st day of school at his jie-jie's school. The reason why I changed him to another school in mid-term is bcos I anticipate there will be lesser children crying and moreover, this school requires children to be 30 months old on the 1st day of school. He could attend long ago in March but I feel that letting him finish one whole semester then switching over is more appropriate.

See, my boy was all ready for school :)

My FL together with my mum will be sending him cos he is famous to be 'ah ma's boy' and I wanna ensure he likes going to school so I have to throw in my triumph card. At least with my mum's presence, he will feel more secure and at ease. True enough, he went into the class without any fuss and began playing inside.

However, I received a phone call from his teacher 30 minutes later, informing me that sonny boy was crying. I guess was their snack time at that moment. The background then was chaotic as I could hear 1 to 2 children wailing real loudly. The crying was thunderous and I got confused thinking that one of 'em was my son. Luckily his teacher told me it wasn't him. Phew! It would be real embarrassing if sonny boy cried that loudly.

I spoke to him over the phone for a moment assuring him that ah ma will be fetching him later to ease his uncertainty and fear since he is so clingy. Good thing his teacher is also my friend and I was informed that he stick to her like a kaola bear. Cute isn't it? He is naturally a loving and sentimental kid. Time for him to toughen up a little. Be brave, my chicken little dodo. :)


  1. Don't know how my kids will cope when they go to Primary school...Hopefully they can do as well! :)

  2. I'm sure they will. We can only try our best to settle them down in a new environment. The rest is very much dependent on the child. :)


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