28 July 2010

Xenz 1st Day Out

Entry by Mummy

We are bringing baby Xenz for his check up today but not before he take his shower. This lil' tiger is so afraid of water that every time we remove his clothing, he will wail as loud as he roar. His crying could almost tear down the whole house. Mum is still in the process of assuring him and 'teaching' him to love his bath time.

He is so similar to Wenz. Not only he has the look of Wenz more, his newborn habits are also similar to Wenz' newborn habits. The afraid to shower is 100% like Wenz but his fear intensify double.

He is still so petite even though the nurse at the clinic took his weight and told me he has hit 3kg already. Thank goodness his PD, Dr Keoy said everything is fine with him and we do not have to see him till his 1st 6-in-1 jab. Whoa~I was like "Errr....clean forgotten about immunisation and developmental check ups" or maybe my memory has yet to return after birth. Feel like a 1st time mum again. :)

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