21 July 2010

Arrival of Xenzel

Entry by Mummy

Saw this 3 bolsters? It was placed right outside the delivery suite. It was actually my check up day and I was scheduled to see Dr Ang at 7pm. As Dr Ang oredi told me last week that I'll due any moment, I got myself as well as the house prepared for the arrival of Xenzel. True eunf, as much as I'd like to stall the delivery timing to August, I couldn't lie thru my CTG scan. The scan that my gynae ordered me to do reflected that I had major contractions. I knew the day has come. Xenzel has chosen to arrive on Racial Harmony Day instead of National Day.

The whole process was so dramatic....

Dr Ang asked me to admit to TMC around 9+. Right after leaving his clinic at 7.25pm, I went for dinner even though I dun have any appetite cos I know I was going to fight a hard battle in 2 hours time. HB and I went to buy that 3 bolsters as we will need it when my SL come over to our house to do confinement together. SL has almost the same due date as me and mum will be our confinement nanny. Tummy pain started the moment I was buying bolster. I quickly paid for the stuffs without bargaining (very unlike me) cos I couldn't think straight at that moment. The pain was too much for me to bear.

We left the shop and quickly trying to locate for taxi stand. I received a call and it was from Dr Ang. He told me he has reached TMC and asked where were I? This part was really funny cos he asked me, "Why were you still at Sun Plaza? Dun you know you have a history of delivering very fast? You quickly get here and I'll be waiting for you at level 2." I was thinking inside my heart, "I thought you said admit around 9+?" then "Why didn't you give me a lift there?" and "How could you reach TMC in such a short time?"

There was a long queue at the taxi stand and I could feel baby intense contractions. Yes, no choice, we had to cut queue. Who will believe us seeing our hands filled with shopping stuffs, I thought. When the taxi came, we told him we needed to go TMC and he said he couldn't go cos changing shift. We told him this was emergency and he agreed right away. Mr Joshua was a nice Mr Cabby. He drove steadily and I wouldn't say the fastest but his intention was to send us safely to Thomson. Luckily no heavy traffic too. However, the waiting and enduring inside the cab made me feel that the distance seem twice as far. Anyway, it was really far from Sembawang to Thomson.

We have reached finally and I still remember to thank Mr Joshua from the bottom of my heart for making an exception to send us. I couldn't walk the moment we have reached. Was wheelchair up to the delivery suite with all the bolsters and was quite embarassing cos everyone started asking "bolster got promotions huh?".

Labour pain started all the way from 9+ and I survived merely on the gas. This gas was of no use in relieving pain of course and I endured till 10pm where Dr Ang came in and broke my waterbag. He came in again around 10.30pm to check on me and said 5cm only. He mentioned he has another C-sect op in about 1 hr time.

Maybe Xenzel heard what the doctor said, 15 mins after he left the room, I think I was fully dilated already cos the urge to push was very strong. The nurse asked me not to push. I felt like scolding people already. I told her I cannot hold my urge to push, baby is coming and I could feel it. She insisted I cannot push and blah blah blah.....the moment the nurse saw Dr Ang came in at around 11.05pm, she told me,"Okay, you can push whatever you want."=.=

I only remember the pain was way too much for me to endure and think logically so after 2 'anyhow pushes', Xenzel was here with us on Planet Earth. Really thankful for his help too cos I could feel him coming out on his own accord.

This is a mum's greatest bliss - looking and holding her newborn firmly in her arms. Even though this was my 3rd time but every pregnancy and delivery process is different and amazing.

Really thankful to of course the mighty god for blessing me with a smooth delivery process right from getting a cab to the arrival of this lil' fella.

My cutie 老三 aka Xenzel. He has once again 'bring out' my very strong maternal instinct inside me, something which I had not feel it for very long since the birth of Wenz. Maybe he is born the smallest @2.6kg and the youngest, and also due to my guiltiness for not spending enuf time with him during pregnancy, I feel the need to protect him, nurture him and love him even more to make it up to him.

My 3 gems :)

Really thankful for my mum to help out too. She is no. 1 mum, grandma and confinement nanny.

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