26 July 2010

Ah Ma's 64 BD

Today is our dearest ah ma's 64th birthday. What's a birthday without cake? Jiu-ma has specially bot a cake for the occasion.

We proceeded to the long-awaited cake-cutting moment right after dinner. Both didi and I were delighted to see so many candles on the cake.

We had a fun time blowing out the candles after singing the classic "Happy Birthday" song to ah ma. Next will be snatching over the chocolates deco on top of the cake. :p

Mummy got her a gift few days b4 she gave birth to baby Xenz. It was a mobile phone suitable for elderly. The big keys on the keypad, loud ringing tone and side-slide switch for keypad lock made the phone so easy to use for ah ma. Even though mummy thinks this iNo Mobile C09 is senior-friendly, the difficulty level is oredi very high for ah ma to comprehend.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to ah ma. We wish her best of health and many many happy returns.

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