04 July 2010

Aloha.....How are U????

This year is a year full of chalet stay. First was at Downtown East during CNY, then gong-gong's buffday at The Chervons and now at Aloha Loyang.

Didi and I were only concerned 'bout when can we go swimming. The moment mummy said: "Okay, kids go get changed", we were ready the very next moment. Mummy said how nice if only we could eat as fast as we changed into swimming costume. :p

It was a religious event and the chalet was rented for 2 days. Friday for some preparation work and Saturday was the day of event itself.

On Saturday morning, we went for our 'morning exercise' at the indoor playground where both me and didi spent almost an hour in there. Good for mummy as she only lazed around inside watching over us.

Life was pretty relaxing when U talked about chalet stay. All day will be swimming, playground, eat, run, laze, drink and sleep too..........

Didi went to his lala land by the time mummy brought me for cycling. It was my 1st time cycling outside on my own and I'd say I was a lil' apprehensive and cautious 'bout it.

Mummy kept reminded me that handphone riding is not allowed at all times. Let me park aside to check who text me. :p

Oh well, it was gong-gong who was urging us to go back for makan and barbeque and BBQ was my 1st experience juz like cycling. :)

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