06 July 2010

NDP 2010

Mummy will diligently submit everyone's name for preview tickets every year and it is of no exception this year. Ah ma's name was chosen as the winner of 4 preview NDP tickets this time round. So off we went to collect the tixs.

As much as mummy would like to grace this magnificent moment, it will all depend on whether my baby didi is cooperative enough anot. He has been causing mummy to feel major discomfort these days with all the intense contractions and vigorous somersaults and boxing inside her tum tum. Mummy is juz too afraid she might go into labour 1/2 way watching the show.

However, upon reading on a daddy blogger - ED providing insight info on this year NDP, her wish to attend the event is even more all bcos of the goodie bags, hahahaha :p

Well mummy, I can be your rep in this and I promise I'll bring the bag back for u but without the goodies inside, okie? :)

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