19 July 2010

Back to Reality

Entry by Mummy

I am writing this post in great discomfort. Planned to send royal highness for her enrichment earlier on but suddenly experienced a terrible tummy ache. The false contractions were way too painful for me to endure and I need a bed rest. Mum volunteered to send instead. Feel so blessed to have someone there whenever I need. Sigh~perhaps age is really catching up or my threshold for pain has dropped tremendously.

Oh well, at least my nesting instinct was right and I had all corners of my house cleaned up over the weekend. Left with few more items to buy for usage during confinement. Rice wine, salt, antiseptic solution for wound if hospital don't provide any, some more essential herbs for daily use and boosting health, hair powder, shower cap......and some misc items.

Must remember to settle all credit card bills that cannot transact over the internet and require AXS to pay and must withdraw lotsa cash to give mum for food and stuffs during confinement as mum dunno how to use card for payment. That should be it....I'm too busy till I have forgotten to keep track of my pregnancy. Today marks my 37 weeks of journey.....shd be due any moment. I must stay positive! Cannot think of the BIG problem anymore. Maybe god has its plan for everything.

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