15 July 2010

Shhh......Baby has a name

Baby didi is almost 37 weeks inside mummy's tum tum. Juz when papa was measuring mummy's tummy, he realised the arrival of baby is drawing nearer and nearer. In less than a months' time, baby didi will be due.

The job as a papa in every round of mummy's pregnancy is to name the baby. Papa secretly told baby didi his name and I love the name too. If u r observant enuf on our blog's sidebar, you will noe the name by now oredi. :p

Yesssh, did u get the name correctly? Look here Xenzel (pronounce as zen-zer), papa is taking a foto of U. We are all waiting to welcome you into this friendly planet. A family of 3 ZELs. See u real soon.....(",)

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