26 June 2010


Entry by Mummy

Technology is really taking its toil on the society cos my mere 2.5 years old sonny boy is an all addict on my iPod Touch. He was so engrossed playing games till he didn't even bother when I put my hair clip on him. He could continue playing while I disturb and mess with him. :)

The using of iPhone/iPod Touch has so great impact that he even try to touch the screen of my MacBook thinking it is 'TOUCH SCREEN" too! Funny and smart boy isn't he? :p

I wouldn't say it is a good thing either cos it is not nice being an addict in anything. Moreover, parents should be very careful not to let the child over-indulge in anything hence I always set a time limit for him (as if he'll adhere) as we must also be very mindful to give proper eye care advice to them too.

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