27 May 2010

Gong-gong's BD

Mummy told me that we will be celebrating gong-gong's birthday tonight and we are, checking into our chalet unit. Everything cannot fall in place unless I take my beauty nap.

I could no longer contain my excitement the very moment I woke up and pestered mummy to bring me around. This flower sure looks like a spider and mummy told me the common name is called "Spider Lily".

Then I went to play at the playground for a while. Though a small one but good enuf for me to wait for the rest to come while I kill time.

Ah ma and the limelight of the day aka gong-gong has arrived finally and which means I could go take my long-awaited dip in the pool.

I shan't wait for didi as dunno when he will come together with ye-ye and nai-nai. I made the right choice for not waiting else I couldn't have so much fun. Sorry didi, let's come to the pool together tmr k? :p

Didi had reached finally and it was almost 7.30pm. We started off with the feast first as everyone was famished. He has napped for too long.....like almost 3-4hours till nai-nai had to wake him up.

No, we didn't have cake immediately cos everyone was feeling so full after the wide spread of sumptuous foodies specially prepared by ah ma. Some went for jalan-jalan while papa brought us to play frisbee.

This was didi's most awaited moment as he smiled happily sitting on gong-gong's lap. Yessssh, gong-gong is celebrating his 68 years old BD. 2 years more to a grand celebration. Hey, auspicious number eh! :)

We, 2 little terrors, hereby wishing gong-gong best of health, best of luck and best of everything. Happy Birthday to gong-gong. Hope u had a wonderful night with us.

Gong-gong was not the only person feeling extraordinary good. Look at didi! He was exceptionally spirited after indulging in so much chocolate. Hmm....tat greedy fella. :p

Rise and shine.....both me and didi woke up really early the next day cos something that he has longed for was calling out to him.....

Yeah! It was the pool. We had a fun time splashing water and pool-hopping around from left to right. Too bad the stay was a 'lil too short. Can we come here again, mummy? I wanna stay for 2 weeks, ok? ;)

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