16 June 2010

No-Bake Baking NIght

Entry by Mummy

I have the urge to let the kids have some fun cos it was kinda boring seeing them cooped up in the house for the whole day due to the whole-day heavy downpour. I took out this box that was lying in the cupboard for few months since I bought it. It sure looks yummilicious to me as I'm a 100% Oreo lover. I simply like the idea of no-bake concept a lot.

The kids were delighted upon seeing it when I announced loudly for them to clear and clean up the table. They got really excited having hands-on. It was totally mess-free cos the instructions were clear and with the pre-packs inside, it was a breeze for the kids to follow it thru under my command. :)

This was actually step 2 which require additional ingredient - MILK, before I poured in Pack 2. Saw the red pack with 2 on it? Yup, what u needed was all in.

The kids helping to beat the mixture to correct consistency.

Need to beat continuously for 3 minutes baby....and Denz was no where to be found after a mere of 1/2 minute, leaving Wenz alone doing the job. Sigh~boys are boys after all, lack of patience and know how to eat only. 2 minutes passed and Wenz started complaining saying her leg ached by standing for too long....WHAT! 2 minutes and tired already. Aiyo~both kiddos are simply lazy. :p

I folded in the oreo bits and blend it well to the mixture..........

....before scooping on top of the base which was done by the kids. Last step was to sprinkle the top with remaining Oreo bits after refrigeration and just before serving.

At this point of time, Wenz has already set the table and told me excitedly who sit where and asked if we could start the Oreo party. Oops! The pie needs at least 1 hour of refrigeration and it was already 11pm by the time I put inside the fridge.

Perhaps she is a Taurus. Despite me telling her to wash up and go to bed, she insisted on waiting till the pie was ready, displaying all her perseverance that she could till I finally persuaded her go to bed. Well, what to do if you have an absolutely obstinate child!

Both kids woke up really early next morning asking for Oreo Pie. Morale of the story: Never keep your child in suspense. :p

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