15 June 2010

Goat Farm Visit

Mummy has planned to bring us for farm tour for a whole day but the weather did not give us its full cooperation. It was raining cats and dogs in the morning hence delaying our journey. By the time we left home was oredi noon. We took a Kranji Express bus to explore the farms.

Hey, tat's me enjoying the cool aircon under hot sun.

Mummy actually intended to visit Bollywood Veggies as our 1st stop but she has forgotten to check thier opening hours and it will only be opened from Wed to Sun. Hence we proceeded to the 2nd stop in our original plan which was the Hay Dairies.

It will be nice if we could visit in the morning cos the milking process is only done in the morning from 9am to 11am.

With $2 each, you will be given a guided demo on the milking plus a bottle of 200ml goat's milk.

As the next bus will only arrive in another 1 hr 30 minutes, didi and I had our lunch 1st before viewing the goats.

After lunch, didi excitedly followed papa to the viewing galore. They used to allow feeding of goats but this activity was no longer permitted by AVA. Didi could only peep thru fences. The goats were resting after a long day but didi refused to let them sleep, hence both of us shouted at the top of our voices waking the goats up. :p

Look! Our voices were loud enuf to be heard. The goats were awaken by us. They were looking around in stunning mode.

And I'd say didi was very pleased with his performance and he went for a 2nd round of shouting, waking the other goats.

Mummy told me that actually I had came here before, about 3.5 years back. I couldn't recall a single thing cos I was merely 1.5 years old.

I finished a whole bottle of plain milk and began to be energised for some photo taking. Papa did not take too well to the goat's milk taste.

The mascots that represent the whole of Kranji Countryside (KCA) are very cute. To know more about the various farms under KCA, opening hours, their specialties and other information that you might need, you can go to their website.

The scenery along the way out was quite picturesque. There was this park that meant for fishing was very nice. Anyway the weather after the heavy downpour was good.

We have decided to shorten the farm tour cos papa was getting hungry and we seriously wouldn't want to see a hungry man becoming an angry man. :p

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