16 June 2010

Happy Dumpling Festival 2010

Today is 5th day of 5th Lunar Month and is also widely known as Rice Dumpling Festival. These are the dumplings that ah ma and gong-gong had made, leaving didi not able to see ah ma for 2 days 1 night. Not forgetting to mention 'bout his whining for ah ma too. He is ah ma's boy and everyone in the house knows about it.

Back to the rice dumplings, they are simply yummy. I had some of it the moment me and didi reached gong-gong's house. I think I only see a few left on our dining table and I bet it will be gone very soon....where else????.......into mummy's tummy of course. :p

Hereby wishing U a Happy Dumpling Day with lotsa yummy rice dumpling to savor.


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