11 June 2010

Family Outing

As mummy has applied to clear some of her unconsumed leave left from last year, what a nice day and timing to bring us out on a Friday. We went for a family outing without ah ma cos she gotto return back home to do up those yummy rice dumplings as 2 days off were granted for her. :p

We, the duckies went for ducktour after our yummy lunch at Kenny Rogers. Didi and I walloped every bit of our food and off we went to get the tixs.

We were on board this vessel.

All of us waited excitedly. Seemed that there were lotsa people on board this duckie.

This is where the captain will sit.

Yokay, sit well, hold tight, the duckie 'bout to move off.....

This week route has changed to Kallang river instead of the usual Marina area as the latter site was closed due to coming up YOG.

Saw this board? Oops, we have forgotten to introduce that the name of this duckie vessel is Katrina. We were her duckies for the day. Shall I call myself Wenzel Katrina? :)

Look at our duck whistle, this thingy will have a duck sound when u blow it. Well, if u think that was given free then nah~it is a souvenir that you can buy on board at the price of a plate of chicken rice at the foodcourt.

Didi insisted to stand near the side so that he could have a bird's eye view of the water. I'll stand nearer if it is taking the Marina route cos got more nicer scenery mah. Maybe he dunno where is Kallang lah, we were so near to ah ma's house.

My didi got really excited the moment the duckie went into the water. He kept yelling "bubbles, bubbles". It's time to head for a swim, I guess. :p

He was our guide of the tour - Dino. We have been like tourists for the past months. First we went for our Hippo Tour last December then the most recent one was Rhino Tour during Family Day-Out at Sentosa and now the Ducktour.

All the details revolved around the same big thing - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyers, RWS and many more important buildings of Singapore till papa could even take over the role as a guide when Uncle Dino was busy. :)

We had come to the end of the duckie tour.

Time to head for some fun at Suntec. Oooh~kiddy ride, my fave.

Aaaah~playground, didi's fave.

The 2nd part of the program was to conquer this bridge called the Helix Bridge. We deliberately went ter during late evening to catch a glimpse of it as the light will only be switched on at around 7pm. We took a stroll slowly after our dinner.

Whoa~this Marina Bay Sands looks magnificent as claimed indeed. Still cannot go up to the ship. It will only be opened end of this month.

Structure of the bridge looks like DNA bonding.

The bridge wasn't too long and we have reached the inside of MBS. The most crowded place will be the Casino. There was nothing much inside MBS yet. The toilet freaked me out after visiting once. This place bored us out cos both didi and I thot can play sand inside. How can a place without sand for us to play named after the word Sand. :p

One highlight of this place that mummy loves a lot is there will be a Louis Vuitton’s flagship boutique at Marina Bay Sands and it will be enshrined in a standalone glass-and-steel Crystal Pavilion that appears to float on the water off the integrated resort at Marina Bay. Yesssh, no kidding~a giant floating LV island! Papa started his migraine the moment mummy told him she wanna get her next piece of LV from ter. :p

We were getting really tired till didi kept pestering mummy that he wanna take a cab home and dun wanna walk anymore. But still, we walked all the way back to this bridge to take a look at the night view of the structure.

The lighting sure make the bridge look different from the day view. Both of us had fun playing with the lighted letters on the floor which lead us all the way out of the place.

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