19 June 2010

Little Bali....here we come!

We celebrated this year Fathers' Day one day earlier cos tmr is papa's working day. Mummy brought everyone to this place called Little Bali for dinner. This place has really good ambience and it was mummy's 2nd visit here.

The decos of the place were quite unique and catered towards the flavour of Indonesia hence the name Little Bali. The menu consists of Thai, Indonesia and a bit of North Indian food item.

Didi and I had a fun time exploring the place, picking up stones and running up and down flight of stairs.

All dads invited to this event were delighted, including jiu-jiu who is a dad-to-be in 2 months time. Well, he will have his chance next year.

1st dad - Our Ye-ye

2nd Dad - Our gong-gong

3rd Dad - Our Godpapa

Last but not least - Our Papa

He was disappointed with the food though cos almost all items that he had ordered was not available. However, he likes the place very much.

The last highlight of the night was to eat the cake that we had decorated in the afternoon. The cake tasted surprisingly good. Sponge was soft and cream wasn't too rich. Even didi's messy cake got some compliments from nai-nai. :)

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