12 June 2010


Today marks the end of ah ma's leave and mummy has promised didi to bring him to gong-gong's house and look for ah ma. But not before we attend an art class first.

Some foto-taking before commencement....(tat's mummy's usual routine)

I was so looking forward but didi was a little afraid hence mummy asked me to look after him when she left the room. The rooms in this art school were specially designed in a way that parents could observe their children doing work from outside, just like a gallery.

Didi refused to remain in the class cos he kept saying "scared..scared...". The teacher was very observant and quickly eased his fear and helped to settle didi down. For a packet of gummy, didi was able to sit thru the whole 1 hr session without any fuss. :)

The teacher was very patient in guiding and helping didi complete his masterpiece. Mummy was very happy cos she said can send both to class together and this is the first and only class that we has attended together.

I did it all by myself and I enjoyed very much throughout the whole lesson. Sigh~my timid didi kept looking out of the glass window and murmured "mummy...mummy...".

He got brightened up the moment he has completed his 3D model task cos he could open and eat his gummy at last. :p

Look at our masterpieces. I wanna give mine to jiu-ma when I see her later. Didi showed his masterpiece to mummy excitedly and said he wanna show ah ma, gong-gong, papa, nai-nai, ye-ye, jiu-jiu, jiu-ma and the list goes on.....(",)

So where exactly did we go for our art lesson? It was at WOW Art Learning Studio. Today lesson is about lines, dots and zig-zags. Each lesson will be different from shapes, blending colors to even clay art. This school introduces art to children very differently from the norm. I'd say they are very creative or maybe I am under-expose to it. By looking at our masterpieces, do u feel WOW to go for a try?

For more info, u can go their website and check it out. Do call them for a free trial. Yesssh! It's FREE and I bet you will love it just like I did! :)

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