18 June 2010

Arty Crafty - Under the Sea

It was a Friday and mummy was still on leave hence we went to visit gong-gong and head down to Kallang trying out the Circle Line. We ended up in Peek-a-boo at Kallang Leisure Park attending a crafty workshop.

The place was great with a mini cafeteria juz in case the peeps are hungry. Another segment was the play area where mummy can nuah sit around while watching us play.

We had finished our craft session. Didi wasn't very attentive enuf during the workshop. The 'cher gotto help him quite a bit.

Look at our Octopus! The theme was "Under the Sea" hence every children had to do an octopus. Needless for further introduction, mine was pink and didi was blue. I have decided to give mine to godpa as Fathers' Day gift when I see him tmr and didi will give his to papa when we return home later. :)

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