17 June 2010

Kiddos' Updatez

Entry by Mummy

Good weather combined with school holidays, I have decided to bring the kiddos out together for my scheduled appointment to see my gynae.

The clinic was crowded as usual. Wenz making funny faces asking me to take fotos of her while waiting for my turn.

She knows how to take photographs using a camera already and is very fond of snapping everywhere and anyhow recently.

She went into the consultation room together with me seeing her baby didi in my tum tum. Baby didi is doing well and I was given admission letter to the hospital to keep already. Well, if you ask me, I have clean forgotten what to bring to the hospital. Just hoping for smooth and painless (if possible) delivery.

We took the free shuttle bus to Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC) and was greeted by this 2 big fellas. As the kiddos weren't really into Transformers, we just stood round to watch the performance as they has just begun. If this is some kinda Disney Princess or Cars or Thomas the Train, then I'll go all out to get the photo pass.

Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee putting on awesome performance delighting the crowd. They even have game and called upon some kids to participate.

My kiddos went for some wet fun at the Splash Park. Luckily I can foresee the future and brought along a set of clothing each. :)

Boy~they were totally drenched after an hour of excitement at the playground with didi shivering all over while we, the adults sipping drinks at Astons overseeing them making sure they don't get into big trouble.

Hmm....I'd say this Splash Park is quite a good place for kids to play. Maybe it is a weekday, the shopping mall wasn't crowded. If time permits, you can even do some Sand Art or Paint Art pieces at the same level of the park at Emiko Arts.

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