30 May 2010

A Trip to the Farm

We went for a farm visit together with ye-ye and nai-nai after sending ah ma and gong-gong to temple. It was quite a last minute decision as ye-ye has always wanted to visit the Farm Resort and juz happened we had car to drive around for these few days. Furthermore, there were some news coverage on it recently and hence spurred the heat of interest in him.

As it was rather impromptu, we went there unplanned, took many unnecessary routes turning round and round wasting lotsa time locating the place. We have reached the place finally but with both didi and I fallen asleep in the midst of them searching for the place.

Ye-ye, nai-nai and papa went down to racky racky 1st leaving mummy looking after us in the car. Mummy juz couldn't bear to wake us up seeing us sleeping so soundly. They stopped by for a drink at the bistro while waiting for us.

We were awake at last and ready to explore the place. There were lotsa vegetables and plants at this farm resort. They even have Fathers' Day promo to encourage public to stay over to experience farm stay.

Happy ye-ye enjoyed his farm trip very much.

Look at these fruits and vegetables. I think gong-gong will like it too.

These mega peas were widely seen here and we even saw a plot of abandoned project all on this type of peas. Well, I guess the biz wasn't too lucrative and hence lotsa of vendors had decided to pull out their venture from there.

After which, we moved on to another place called the Farmart. Mummy told me she had brought me here before but I juz couldn't recall a single bit of it. Then she showed me the posting where she has brought me here. Whoa! That was like 4 years back leh. No wonder I couldn't rmb anything at all.

We went to the fishing pond area.

We saw lotsa turtles besides fishes.

Didi and I moved on to feed the goats. We fed the goats with beansprouts.

Everyone left the place happily with this foto before we called it a day.

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