28 May 2010

Singapore Science Centre

Right after our chalet stay, papa drove us to a nearby place called the Science Centre. We were greeted by this enormous dinosaur which mummy made me pose with it while waiting for papa to park the car. Tell u ah, it scared me out of my wits. Check out how I smile!

Well, mummy said the dino is not a real one, juz a mega scale kind of toy that was electric operated to make it's jaw open and close. Phew~as long as it dun bite a juicy yummy kid like me. :)

We tried out many different things inside the Science Centre like the magical mirror.

This thing was so cool. U could hear your own....what mummy told me "ECHO" when you shouted real loudly in the tube. But it could be quite a nuisance from the over-dosage of noise pollution. :p

How do I fare to be a DJ?

Didi was checking out if ah ma need his help in pounding the chilli to make sambal. :)

Whoa! This spec that didi put on reminded me of 3D movie that I had watched...

More dinos....but left with the skeleton for display only.

After watching the electric show and visiting different segments of the interior, we I got so overloaded with info that I could be a young scientist. Not too sure about didi but I think he was bored with the science thingy.

And all he needed was some fun...

...some movement, action and climbing.

Papa was all indulge in looking at those robots being displayed.

Didi secretly called nai-nai to report the happenings here :p

before we moved on to play at the indoor playground.

We gotto give this Pixar Exhibition a miss as well as the waterworks park cos didi was getting really tired from the short night sleep and morning swim.

Luckily he didn't see this at the booth outside the Pixar entrance else there will be another hole in mummy's pocket.

Didi: Can we go now?

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