26 May 2010

Father & Daughter Outing

Entry by Papa

Mid-year school holiday had started for my princess and she couldn't wait any longer for me to bring her out. She had even told mummy and ah ma yesterday that I will bring her for outing today even though I did not promise her.

As I wasn't working, there I was bringing Royal Highness to a less crowded spot of the town called 'Railway Mall'.

We had fun weighing vegetable in the supermarket so as for her to learn and at the same time have some fun before our indulgence of home-made ice-cream at one of the cafes along the many shops.

We moved on to take a short walk all the way down to Salvation Army Mega Store and that was where she found her loot of Barbie dolls. She had also assisted me to look for toys suitable for Denz.

Mission accomplished for daddy Den and signing out. Cheers!

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