25 May 2010

The Singapore Family Pledge Movement

Being IT-savvy might not be a good thing at times. The moment mummy read this online 2 weeks back, she went crazy and excited over it. Didi and I were not spared either.

We were made to pledge ourselves as one united people....oh salah lah, again, again....We pledge to be the best we can be, putting on our best behaviour so as to achieve more family day-outs together with papa and mummy. :p

You must be wondering why were we so excited about it right? 'Cos this is an event organized by National Family Celebrations (NFC) and by joining the pledge moment, one will stand to win tickets for the entire family (a set of 7 tickets) to various Family Attractions on Family Day Out on 29 May 2010.

Mummy was eyeing on tickets to the DuckTours or Luge actually.

However, we have won a set of 7 tickets to Merlion. Well, I think is a good thing too cos I dun think mummy can fit into the luge with baby in her tum tum. Ah ma and gong-gong aren't adventurous enuf to take on the luge too. Most importantly, the tickets are free. Who says no free thing in this world? :p

To show our appreciation for ah ma and gong-gong, we pledge to bring them see Merlion. :)

It's still not too late to pledge if you haven't done so. Join now to show your affection and commitment towards your family and you could be the next winner to attractive prizes.

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