01 May 2010

Happy 5th Birthday to ME!!!

Yesterday was my 5th buffday and I'd like to thank everyone who came all the way to my castle to grace this special occasion of mine.

Goodie Bags for me, didi and neighbours

Mummy has especially decorated my celebration corner to a castle background.

I love the balloons with all Disney Princesses most. Thanks mummy!

I was all dressed up and ready to receive all my guests.

I waited and waited patiently for everyone to reach.

My pressies corner at another side of the corner.

My birthday menu was specially designed by mummy with ah ma's specialty pasta and mummy's specialty potato salad.

What's a buffday without cake?

Papa's fave ice-cream cake with my fave figures on top of it.

Yeah! I was officially 5. *Saw my hand-sign* :)

My 5th buffday was so spectacular and unforgettable as knife was not enuf to cut my magnificent cake. Chopper and hammer were robbed in to do the job. Well, no choice, who asked the cake to be soooo hard? :p

After much cling, clang, bing, bong.......everyone has a piece of chilly ice-cream cake to cool down. Thanks to ye-ye who used his strong arm strength and gave the cake a good 'post-mortem' till nothing left to be cut. :)

Didi was one happie boy too cos he got himself 3 pressies (machiam like his buffday). Mummy was afraid he will feel sad without pressie so bot him a Thomas Code 1 DVD that comes with a small Thomas toy. Nai-nai felt the same way and bot him a mini book. Ah ma specifically instructed jiu-jiu to get same pressies for 2 but different colors. No wonder u could see the big grin on his happy face.

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