07 May 2010

Gift of Love

Entry by Mummy

I was checking my email at work place and received updates from Apple with the subject stating "Best Gift for Mothers". The 1st thing that came to my mind was "Yes! I am eligible to celebrate Mothers' Day too!"

Those attractive gifts on the email definitely catch my full attention. How nice to receive those gifts on Mothers' Day, right? Well, of course I'm not hinting my HB thru this powerful medium but I wouldn't mind if he decides to get me one. :p

A token of appreciation for mum on Mothers' Day has definitely evolved from tissue flower craft that teacher made us do to the classic fresh carnations that we could buy from any shop back in my good old days. Those days were so simple but I wonder how my mum really felt then when she received those fresh carnations from me. *pondering*

When we got older, we gave accessories, shoes, bags, clothings, spa packages, dinners, lunches even breakfasts made with our love to our mums. I no longer buy gifts for mums and dads cos human has became more and more practical.

The only gift they yearn for is 'red packet', which I don't deny the fact that is the most useful gift for them but it has definitely lost the meaning of celebration. Likewise for the folks, they no longer feel surprise for special occasions cos every event like Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day and Birthdays will be giving red packets with the same amount of money inside year after year.

As a mum of 2 kiddos (becoming 3 soon), I have a long list of what I want besides those i-gifts listed in the email for iRene (tat's ME) :p

1) More time to spend with them, educating, nurturing, having silly fun time etc.
2) More energy to bring the kids out to many exciting places which we have yet to explore.
3) More money to buy them things that they want and fulfilling their dreams, making them happy.

However, even without the above, I am still very happy on this Mothers' Day seeing the gifts the kiddos has made for me (even though is a mandatory piece of craft to be done in school).

A card from Princess and a 'bag' from sonny boy. Wenz ran to me upon seeing me that she has a card for me and handed me a stalk of yellow carnation. However, the flower didn't survive for long cos Denz snatched it over the moment he saw it and twitched the stalk landing the flower partially being 'detached' from the stalk. On the other hand, he gave me the craft he has done and told me it was a handbag and said that it was his even though inside was written "I Love U, Mummy". :)

Look at them, aren't they the best gift on earth?

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