11 May 2010

Start Your Day Right with Toothbrushing :)

Lesson in my classroom seems a little different today. Teachers said it is a special program arranged by the school together with Health Promotion Board (HPB) to educate us on the proper way of toothbrushing and types of food potentially harmful and can cause tooth decay. But sad to mention, all those potentially harmful foodies are my ultimate fave - candies, lollies, cakes, donuts, ice-cream......*sigh*

We did different activities from coloring to answering questions to some involvement of games conducted by different teachers. Besides the activity sheets done in class, each one of us was given a booklet with some sheets of stickers to bring home.

I showed mummy when she came home from work and she explained to me the importance of oral heaithcare and why I need to brush my teeth twice a day. Then she brought out something to my delight.

Coincidently, mummy has bought me and didi each a new toothbrush yesterday while waiting for me to finish my enrichmenet class. Needless to say, mine outta be the Disney Princess and didi gets the Pokemon. Not that didi fancy Pikachu a lot but there wasn't any cartoon character other than Pokemon. Well, he love it to bits anyway cos not only he will insist on brushing teeth on his own, he will also hog onto it and refuse to place it back to the holder even after brushing his teeth. :p

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