28 March 2009

Sharing Moment....

Whooppie....it's weekend again. Saturday and Sunday are our fave days cos mummy will be at home nuah playing with us. She has bot us a new toy. Actually it was meant more for didi bcos he loves car so much recently.

Mummy has been lecturing teaching me to share with didi whenever i snatch and bash him up. The 'sharing campaign' has been around our house for quite a while liao. I oso clearly understand wat is expected of me, only sometimes I'll do the opposite to gain more attention.

See, we were playing so well with each other. No screaming, no yelling, no complaining (ya, didi can be such an aunty at times :p), no crying, no fighting and no making mummy angry & upset - ALL bcos I'm willing to share. *wink wink*

We earn ourselves a Swensen's Treat which papa promise to bring us ter later. Yippee....ice-cream and french fries, here we come....(",)

27 March 2009

Ben Kor Kor's BD

We celebrated Ben kor-kor's buff-day at nai-nai's house earlier. His buff-day is supposed to be tomorrow but he has brought forward the celebration. Kor-kor was sooo happy receiving many many Yu-Gi-Oh cards as his pressies.

Didi got ready in such a flash the moment the cake was placed on the table. He sat and waited patiently for cake-cutting moment. He clapped loudly amidst the waiting and I sung the birthday song for kor-kor. I blew off the candles the moment we have finished singing. Oops! I thot my buff-day mah! :p

Anyway nai-nai relighted the candles for kor-kor to blow. Happy 11th buff-day to U!!! I noe ur wish must be having more more more cards right? Tsk tsk tsk :)

All Time Fave!!!

I took a 1/2 day leave intending to go for some Spa-destress program but went out with HB in the end. See what my sweet HB has bot for me? Something he hated so much......YES! Durian-related product. Hahaha...

I merely mentioned to him over the phone b4 we met up that I wanna buy the Durian Combo 5 as the promo was ending soon and there he was going ahead to buy it giving me a surprise.


Awesome wasn't it? I was so spoilt for choice, 5 different types of durian pastries. I finished the puff and tart right away. Yummy... love everything to bits. :p

We went to catch a movie after a late lunch.

I wanted to watch Street Fighter - The Legend of Chun-Li. *sigh* The movie was kinda disappointing with no street fighter cutie costumes and the whole movie was a lil' draggy. The storyline is simply bull-shitting a lil' "run-out-of-idea" with 80's style of filming. The whole setting looks like a low-budget production. The only goodie you can see was Chun-Li and Nash. I'd expect to see Ryu and Ken in ter but "NO".

HB gave an even harsh critic. Speaking about Street Fighter movie, the above is a better movie.

The costumes in the movie was fabulous. Every street fighter character was in there.

We went to PS after the movie. It has been some time since we last step into PS jalan-jalan. The highest level, which is the cinema level is HB's Heaven. There were few stores selling toys and collectibles sprouted during the past months and HB was elated.

We were browsing in one of the stores and I found a pink 'Haro'. I have decided to 'adopt' it home and hence HB went to do the necessary document processing. (",)

We rushed home to celebrate nephew, Ben's birthday after which. Think hb will re-visit PS again very soon....

24 March 2009

My 1st EZ-Link Card

No more sneaking in... no more carrying in mummy's arms... no more pretending to be small like a baby...Why why why???

Mummy finally "sorted out" her thots and got me my very 1st Ez-Link Card. Whoppie... I could tap-in and tap-out juz like the adults whenever I take bus and MRT.

But mummy said sometimes tap and sometimes dun tap lah....save $$$ mah...especially now economy no good leh. But I thot honesty is a great virtue? (",)

23 March 2009

Exchange Deal

We were having fun with these new "Non-Messy Chalks" bot or rather exchanged by mummy from Mothercare. Rmb we have both won $20 Mothercare Voucher each from the JnU Photo Contests???

Yup, mummy didn't consult the Board of Directors and went ahead to get the chalks and the Ice-cream thingy for us.

Oh ya, is didi left-handed huh?

22 March 2009

New Fashion...

Side view of mummy's sleeve

Look at my latest fashion creation!!! I did it on mummy's sleeve while she was napping. She was still oblivious of my mischief creativity when she was awake. She even went to the living room to receive a couriered parcel.

I'd say this creation is a success cos ah ma also thot it was a new fashion when she saw mummy's sleeve from far. Yippee :p

Let me think what I could 'create' next time when mummy's sleeping. (",)

18 March 2009

Little Fun With Roti

Mummy brought us over to nai-nai's house as no one was at home - ah ma went for religious class and papa gotto work on the night of their wedding anniversary, thus the 3 of us have to find something interesting to spend the boring night away.....(:

We can't live without bread nowadays...it's a must for me and didi to eat bread at night even after our dinner. Tat's the only time we can eat Chocolate officially!!! Yeah :p

Morning @ Chinese Garden

Nice weather for morning outing

A look at the pagoda from the entrance

Here's the bridge that links both the gardens

The bridge is almost pearlie white

Here's the lake we fed the fishes

Found a cozy place with shelter

Fishes swarming in for bread crumb

The size of this fish is impressive

Wenz enjoying herself!

My mum, Ah Di, and Ah Ben were there too..

Wenz amused by the talking parrots

Say Chezz!

Daddy is back on Wenz & Denz' blog again. Brought the kidz to Chinese Garden yesterday and along with us were four loaves of bread to feed the fishes there. The kidz were having a lot of fun especially Wenz feeding the fishes and herself with plain bread. Ha! Ha!

I took a jog around both Chinese and Japanese gardens but could not help stopping from time to time to view the beautiful scenery there. After we left Chinese garden we, headed to the nearby foodcentre for lunch and Wenz was really fascinated when we passed by one of the shops with the three talking parrots.

17 March 2009

Our Lucky 8 Day Out!!!

Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary...... We had oredi celebrated yesterday as HB and I have to work today no matter what.

We went Carousel for Hi-Tea after settling my work quickly in the morning yesterday. I did not tell HB about the plan as I'm the surprise type of gal mah. I only told him to accompany me to collect free sample in town and there he was really thinking my intention of going downtown was to collect sample, ho..ho..ho... So what did he give me? A SURPRISE too....BIG one somemore. :p He has clean forgotten about the anniversary......hmm.......Well, he really live up to his reputation as a "BIG HEADED PRAWN". He can even tell me "wah so good ah, giving me a treat". (",) *faintz*

I have long wanted to try macaron from Canele and since we were walking past there, I bot it instead of the Durian Combo 5 from GoodwoodPark Hotel.

We went down Chinatown after which as HB needed to preorder his toys. We ended up at China Square as he has made up his mind to complete his 'Street Fighter' collection finally. However luck was not on his side, the shop was closed. I could see the disappointment in him.

He bot me a tee from this boutique as we walked along a stretch of shops diagonally across CS. This boutique is selling a variety of cute cute interesting tees, clothing and accessories for mena nd women. My eyes 'locked onto' one target that was wore and displayed. That's a woman's power, isn't it?

I rushed down to CS after work today to get him all the figures he wanted to buy yesterday. Now he has completed the set. A Surprise for him tonight when he return home!!!

16 March 2009

Love of a LIFETIME...

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails."

These words are possibly the most oft-quoted from the Good Book, and you hear them routinely at just about every wedding, in one form or the other. They make up the unofficial recipe for a successful marriage.

But we all know, words don't mean a thing till you actually do what you profess. I have seen and heard too many sad stories happening around me, making me ponder the value of love. It is unmeasurable in definite. Being together for long doesn't guarantee your love; likewise married after dated for a short period of time doesn't mean the marriage will not be everlasting.

Many a time, when I was providing advice or rather my 2 cents worth of view to friend who has a tiff or bitter argument with their partner, I always ask them to relive their vows! After seeing few cases of failure, I have been constantly reminding myself to be prudent and vigilant. It is really important to do as promised and always reflect yourself each day.

"Treat your love one the way you want him to treat you."

This is my fave quote to my kids as everyone knows Wenz likes to throw tantrum.. hence put ur partner above of anything or in short - "Treat him like a KING". :p

Our wedding anniversary is here again and to pamper my man like a KING, I gave him a treat since the 1st step to 'lock' a man's heart is to 'lock' his stomach. No lavish places and extravagant spending this time round as we are badly affected by the recent recession too, which means lesser toys for him and lesser bags, shoes, clothing and spending for me. (",)

8 years is not that long like the title has suggested but I really hope our LOVE will be for a LIFETIME. Lucky 8 Anniversary!

15 March 2009

Princess Wishes...

If u ask me what is my wish, I will definitely answer you that I'd like to be a Princess. I wake up really early today. Same goes for didi, machiam like pah kat pah kat cos this greedy boy must have overheard ah ma telling mummy yesterday tat if we could wake up early, we shall go McDonald for breakfast.
Well, as for me, me not greedy hor, I was excited over Princess Wishes as mummy is going to bring me for Disney on ICE.

Disney On ICe
Everything gotto wait till I finish my breakfast, after my ballet class and after lunch then can proceed to the Indoor Stadium. Hmm....juz gonna wait patiently for the moment to come. I was counting down to that moment actually.....

We went there together with Shervon and her mummy. Luckily Shervon's daddy gave us a ride there saving lotsa travelling time. Oh man...there was a heavy downpour the moment we reached. What a timing to rain? We braved thru the rain with a tiny umbrella and mummy was 40% drenched. The show has oredi started the moment we reached inside.

I switched to "super-attentive" mode the moment I sat down. Nothing could take my eyes off the many many different characters skating on Ice in front of me. I enjoyed every moment of it.

It was half time and I mistook it as end of show, thus I kept telling mummy I dun wanna go home, I have not had enuf of the Princesses and pestered to stay. :p

We went out to buy a drink and checked on the merchandise. All looks sooo niceee but mummy said too expensive and not in need, mainly was my desire to get it so I din get ANY @all.

The show was fantastic presenting all 7 Princesses with my fave, Princess Ariel being the longest I think. My 2nd next fave segment was when they were showing the Cinderella as she came in with nice glittering horse carriage.

Mummy like Mulan in this show, the one and only Asian looking Princess. My wish now is to come every year, okie mummy? (",)

13 March 2009


*sigh* Just when I think the kids will both recover in no time after medication, Denz was sick again....ARGH!!! Perhaps gotto do with the date....black friday!

This time round he developed high fever (39.2 degrees Celsius). Oh my....it was time to pay Dr Chin a visit.

He was given 2 different fever medicine - one pink and one orange. 2 bottles meaning more work for me as I have to wake up and feed him medicine every 3 hourly in rotation of the 2. On top of that, he was diagnosed having an inflamed throat as well. Alright! Antibiotic suspension for sure.

It is only the 2nd week of March and the kids have been to the clinic 4 times liao. Hopefully all the baddy germs could go away real soon.....

09 March 2009

Sickly Moments.....

Right after I was unwell as having LS last few days and not getting any better now, both kiddos are sick with the same runny nose and cough symptoms. Denz who was down with slight fever got the fever syrup while Wenz who has lotsa phlegm got the reduce phlegm and open airway syrup. As a result, they've got 3 bottles of medicine each.

Luckily Denz was quite co-operative in taking medicine. He drank the syrup willingly upon seeing his jie-jie took the medicine. There was no problem feeding Wenz as she ignorantly co-relate the medicine to "candy syrup". Though the kids were on medication, some more on drowsiness formula, they were still very active and not lethargic at all.

Their condition did not improve after few dosages. To make things worse, Wenz was down with fever on Sunday night and I have no choice but to bring her to Dr Chin again on Monday 'forcing' me to be on Child Care Leave. :p

They are EQUAL now, each having four to drink as Wenz added one more fever syrup while Denz added the reduce phlegm syrup.

I really hate it when the kids are sick. The kids became crankier, more hyperactive, more sticky and more insecure leading them to cry and whine non-stop esp Denz as they were both seeking for high level of attention. Hopefully the sickness saga will be over soon...bo pi bo pi *kowtow*

06 March 2009

SH's Birthday!

Friday night is the nite that enable me to stay out a little late as Wenz dun have skool the next day, thus I dun have to put her to bed.

I was out celebrating a good fren, SH's Birthday! We went for a meal and I think we have over-ordered as 3 of us couldn't finish the food and on top of that I pre-bot a mini cake for her too! Glad we had a long session of chatting and gossiping before we headed home to tend to our kids.

Happy Birthday to U!

01 March 2009

Phoebe Turns FOUR!!!!

Right after Kylie's buff-day celebration yesterday, we went for another buff-day party. It was Phoebe's 4th Buff-day. We were invited to the playscape for celebration. Every moment was fun-filled for the kids.

Phoebe enjoyed herself very much. Wenz too! Denz appeared to be a little timid. *sigh* He dun even dare to go into the ball pit....really live up to his name - Chicken Boy! :p

He was skeptical to everything that was exposed to him. Well, I left him alone to explore and he did warm up a little after a loooong while.

Wenz was thrilled and elated playing happily in the playscape.
She got even wilder upon seeing Shervon. Think Shervon is her Best Friend at this point of her life.

The kids played while the adults helped themselves to the light refreshments prepared by the host....soon it was time for cake-cutting.

Yesterday was Mickey theme and this time round was Mickey theme again. The cake looks too nice to be eaten.

The icing coated around it interest Wenz the most as she labelled them as CANDY. Not only she could eat the 'candy', she could play with it as well, machiam like Art n Craft lesson. This has inspire me to try a simple baking session with her.

Happy Buff-day to Phoebe and thank you Lina for your invitation. May you have a smooth upcoming labour......
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