29 April 2009

Birthday Celebration in Skool

I have my birthday celebration 1 day before my actual birth date as we are heading for cruise later. This is my pressie this year from papa and mummy and I love it lots...

I was all ready waiting for my frenz to sing me the classic birthday song. Look at the Hello Kitty cake that was specially ordered by mummy. Awesome isn't it?

The cake was too big making me difficult to blow off the candles or rather the candles were placed too far away from me hence the cake was turned around for me to accomplish the important task of blowing off my 4 tiny candles :p

Some photo-taking the party start...

oh nooooo.....kitty was murdered.....hahahaha :D

Asking me if I was happy???? The answer is apparent right? :p

Thanks papa, mummy, teachers and frens for giving me a wonderful birthday celebration in skool! (",)

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