11 April 2009


Look at the way we were dressed up, needless to mention we were going SWIMMING!!! More appropriate to say Playing Water. I have been pestering mummy to bring me there every time I go for my ballet. Mummy is juz too lazy busy to fulfill my lil' request.

On a aimless Saturday morning, there we were heading to the pool...

I was all ready and go for my dip dip...

Didi had a great time in the pool too. He was a lil' chicken out initially but got garang and warmed up after few minutes of familiarizing himself. Even under papa's supervision, he still ended up gulping the pool water.

There was quite a crowd at the pool with many children going there for swimming lesson. Didi grabbed hold onto the children's float and played with it till the instructor came to retrieve it. We had a whole of 30 minutes of dipping and didi still demanded for more more more... He put on a struggle before being pulled out of the water. *sigh* He is taking after ME. I remembered myself was lidat too. :p

Mummy promised the next dipping will be near soon...Hurray!!!


  1. Hi my sons don't really like to swim. Any idea how to encourage them?



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