07 April 2009

A Long Day Out....

It is quite unusual for us to go out on a Sunday without missing anyone in the picture cos papa usually needs to werk and I have some enrichment program going on. But but but...we have juz did it on the last Sunday. Juz happen I have stopped my ballet class and papa wasn't werking so everyone ping ping pong pong ended up at CS, papa's fave Sunday hideout.

Mummy brought me and didi jalan jalan looking at toys for juz a lil' while and coincidently we bumped into Ash n Ayd's family inside one of the shops where mummy bot the Street Fighters figurines. Think their daddy gonna recruit more more more transformers stuff to build up their autobots empire. :p

After which, we went down to Cold Storage to get some munchies while waiting for papa to finish his shopping biz. Mummy chanced upon these premium-looking Ferrero Ronduoir which looks so much like Ferrero Rocher and decided to give it a try. Niceee dark chocz...didi and I were oredi fighting over even b4 it was opened.

Total damage at CS was very low as papa did not get anything for himself. Hiak hiak hiak...see how long he could withstand not buying. :p

Anyway, we headed to this nearby CS cafe called Deli Vege to try out their food. Their food choices were alarming. We were so spoilt for choice - right from Western selections to Oriental to Japanese and best of all is an all-veg cafe.

I shared my HK strawberry pocky sticks with didi while waiting for the food to be ready.

Didi was so engrossed looking at the hot babes but wait har....I dun remember seeing any in ter. Wait I check with my mummy.........mummy oso said she coudn't rmb liao. Pardon her, age is catching up. Me think didi must be drooling over other people's foodies since he's a greedy lil' piggy.

Soon our food was served and this was mummy's lunch and I taxed a lot on her fries. Not only me hor, didi also leh. :p

Papa enjoyed his meal too. It started raining heavily shortly before we finished our lunch. Aiya....bo bian, we were stranded in the cafe but didi couldn't sit for long so we moved on with mummy and papa making the sacrifices to be drenched while sheltering didi and me.

We ended up at Lucky Chinatown aka Ghost Town cos there was actually this tiny lil' toy shop tat papa frequent. U will understand why I said is a ghost town cos bo lan de. Last time the whole stretch of shops were leased out and now only left with one store open and the other only open for biz like once a month.

Anyway, we went for some yummy dessert opp the building before our long journey on the bus back home and at the same tim waiting for the rain to stop. We spent a really long day out till both didi and I KO on our journey home. (",)


  1. Hihi!

    Great to bump into Wenz too! :)

    Looks like you all had funn too. Hee hee...


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