10 April 2009

Bear & Chicken Go Camping....

Today is Good Friday and guess wat, mummy's not working. She has promised to bring me out. I heard her mentioning about a bear and a chicken the night before we slept. Hmm....well, dunno wat's tat but I'm sure it must be something fun and interesting.

Mummy woke me up really early for a non-school day as we were meeting Aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei 1st before proceeding to the venue. Does the pics look like she has 2 kids? :p

Actually the venue is very near to Aunty Karen's workplace. She is so hardworking, public holiday still come back to the workplace area and some more insisted to have a photograph taken outside the building. *shake head* :)

Some photo taking before going in...

Oh wait, need to get the tickets 1st. Heng mummy remembered to bring.

This was the scene where the bear and chicken were performing their play. I laughed at the silly bear in quite a few occasion. The message of "there is no monster in this world" is stronger than star, moon and sun. Well, at least I did bug mummy on "cheese and the moon". Mummy said she is very certain moon is not made of cheese but not too sure wat made up the moon, think shall ask papa better, hurhurhur (",)

As we bot the tickets quite late, the good seats were all taken up. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed ourselves. Hmm...I'm looking forward to my next play.


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