17 April 2009

Princess 4th Cheena BD

Okay okie, daddy's back in action again! My dear princess gal is turning 4 soon and we have decided to celebrate on her cheena day this year. It was a Princess-theme party @home. I'd say Wenz was really happie putting on her princess costume.

On the other hand, didi also knew something fun was going on and he was in extremely good mood as well.

The food theme for the guests was Jap katsukari Bento set. The above was for Irene as she doesn't take mushroom. All the guests including myself enjoyed the food very much. Too bad my best pal aka the kids' godpa couldn't come as he was down with high fever. May he get well soon. The kids, especially Wenz miss him and kept pestering me to call 爹爹 come.

It was cake-cutting after meal and also the most important moment for Wenz bcos Irene has ordered her fave cake. She has been telling us that she wanna a princess cake since her 3rd buff-day. We have decided to fulfill her wish and make her over the moon.

The cake looks really nice. Everyone felt that too. I'd think is really worth the money spent.

This design was specially chosen by Irene cos she said the doll that was used for this design looks much better than the other. It does looks a lil' like a bride but it was gorgeous and beautiful though.

Didi couldn't contain his excitement any further and wanna get close and lay his hand onto the cake too. :p

As our all-time fave photographer (godpa) has taken MC on that day, the important task of taking fotos was on ME, hehehe and the above pic was taken by our VIP of the day, Willie. Thanks! :)

Wenz truly enjoyed herself to the max. That was the only day I saw her eating so much cake. She couldn't wait any longer to unwrap all her presents after the guests have left.

And tadah....all done! Thanks everyone for your gifts and presence. Happy 4th Birthday to U, my dear Princess. You will always be our precious gem.


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