04 April 2009

My Brave Didi

Saw the lil' plaster on didi's arm? Mummy juz brought him to Dr Chin for his 18mos booster jab. Mummy was super worried this chicken boy didi will cry his lung out. Not only he did not cry, he did not whine a single sound out. Even Dr Chin oso got a shock. :p

Everyone is so proud of your 'bravery'. As a result, he gotto enter the forbidden ground and play with papa's collectibles. Hahahaha....NAH!!! Papa where got sooo generous, the most let him touch nia.

Touch nia where got shiok? Cannot keep him entertain for long....in the end still ME to play with him, cheer him up and make him happy. Now you know why didi can't survive without me around le ba, hurhurhur.


  1. handsome didi and pretty jie jie! you have two beautiful children!

  2. Chicken boy has became brave for once!!! 3 cheers for him :)

    Thanks kkf!


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