18 April 2009

Date with Shervon

Mummy is bringing me for a free music trial at MYC today. Thanks to aunty Chris who helped to source around. R u saying Shervon is going too?

Yeah, gotto meet my best fren leh. We met and went together. Luckily we met up earlier as there was some hiccups locating the venue but managed to reach on time eventually.

We were both in the Sunbeam class as the class I'm supposed to be in according to my age is Sunshine. However, it was full oredi. Nevertheless, the person in-charge reassure that the only difference is Sunshine will learn 1 key lesser and tat's 'bout it. Therefore it was alright for me to join Sunbeam.

The skool uses a very different approach not like the usual teaching you could see at Yamaha or Cristofori.

After the trial, we went Lot One for lunch before going back home for some playtime. Yippee....

Shervon has agreed to come over and play with me. Erm...actually was bcos aunty Chris has given permission to come lah. See, I was wearing Sher's shades. Actually I was eyeing on it for very long le and since gotta chance then dun wait le. :p

Well well, both of us had a fun and busy day together. See ya soon, k?

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