01 May 2009

The kids' 1st Cruise Trip.....

Star cruise....here we come...

A compulsory photo snapshot with the Penguin mascot before boarding the ship.

This trip is a pressie for Wenz' 4th Birthday and also a family trip for 2009. It is not only the kids' maiden cruise but my dad's too. Mum has on board the cruise once years back.

finally a rather decent family photo on board.....

I'd say it was a very different experience for me even though I had been on cruise twice. It was the 1st time with the kids and I'd think cruising suits children most. Right from accommodation to food....everything was taken care off....and kids could spend their day at the Childcare Center too if we were really tired looking after them. ;)

The kids were really happy exploring the whole place.

The childcare center has its open house in the morning and I sent the kids ter after breakfast for them to play.

Didi finally plucked up the courage to enter the ball pit after almost 10 minutes of watching people playing and he was enjoying himself to the max in ter. :p

After which, the kids enjoyed themselves in the pool while HB and I were busy running after them.

On the 2nd day which is Wenz' actual birthday, a complimentary cake was given. I called to have it deliver to the room and Wenz had her 3rd round of cake-cutting this year.

What is a trip without photos right? :p

I brought Wenz out for photo-taking while in-laws and Ben went for the land tour at KL and my parents, HB and Denz sleeping in their rooms. We moved from inside to outside....

Princess was enjoying the cool breeze and posing for me to take.

We have decided to take dinner at Bella Vista - a posh eating place on board the ship.

The kids were looking forward to the food being served cos the dessert for the night chosen for them was ice-cream. I chose ice-cream for myself too. :p

Cheeky didi posing with his charming wink.

Dinner wasn't too fantastic (apart from the dessert) for me and my parents as the choice for western vegetarian was limited. Think they will like it better if it was a Chinese dinner.

Overall, it was a relaxing and enjoyable trip for us and I really dun mind cruising again but definitely not to Port Klang again! :)

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