12 April 2009

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage, a project by PUB (Singapore's national water agency), is set to boost Singapore's water supply, alleviate flooding in the low-lying city areas and become a hot spot for recreational activities.

I was awoken by mummy on a super early Sunday morning. The initial plan was to follow ah ma and gong-gong to Marina Barrage (MB) and mummy will look after didi at home. However, this didi machiam like noe the plan and woke up at 6am and refused to sleep thereafter. Needless to say, he gotto go as well loh...Yippee for him. :)

The place consists of 3 storeys with L1 being the activities ground such as water playground and Central courtyard area, boat hoisting area and Pump House which helps to pump out excess storm water into the sea. Marina Bridge is at L 2. This is a 350m long bridge that provide us with panoramic views of Singapore. One of the attraction at L2 is the Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG).

There are a total of 6 galleries, each sharing a different aspect of sustainable stories. Didi lurve it most in ter cos he was able to be freed from his pram and explore the place.

L3 is the greenery place. There are green roof and solar park. The landscaped roof is not only a recreational park where we have whole lot of fun running about but provides cover for the structure below. The greeny greeny grass helps to lower the building's temperature so that less energy is used. You can also see solar panels on the roof of the barrage which can convert solar energy to electricity, which is used to supplement the energy requirement in the MB during the day.

Just one trip there and I can tell u a whole lot of info, isn't me brainy? :)

Mummy said the Best of all is it's FREE, right from shuttle service to admission to the entertainment in ter, ALL are FREE. Who says "there are no free lunch in this world"? Oops, btw F&B outlet ter need $ to dine in lah. :p


  1. Wat is nice place! I wish I was there.

  2. it is a nice place for morning walk. We can go together next time.


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