30 April 2008

I'm Officially 3!!!

We went for food tasting on my birthday night as jiu-ma has purposely arranged to celebrate my birthday at the restaurant too. She dotes on me alot and always buys yummy goodies for me to eat. Jiu jiu and jiu-ma has ordered a chocolate mousse cake for me. Jiu-ma especially likes the picture on the cake as she finds it rather cute.
I'm officially 3 today after cutting........ errrrm my 3rd cake. So does that means I'll have 4 cakes next year, hahaha :)
Anyway thanks to this pair of limelight for the arrangement, cake and of course pressies.

This is jiu-ma's mum. She also bot me a set of strawberry shortcake clothing as my birthday pressie. So kind of her to get me something. I oso noe how to be paiseh one okie *blushing* :)
Didi is also one happy chap. He gotto eat what we ate too, though only some but not bad for him liao lor. Jiu-ma's parents like him so much, maybe they find him adorable.
After which, we got really busy running about. I mean me, didi where can run about like me?

Didi was super happy when ah ma held his hand and let him walk on the floor. He really thot he can walk on his own.
See, dunno how to walk but still insist on walking. Didi ah didi, way to go lah, master your standing up skill first. Bleah :p
Finally it was time to open my present...... mummy says it's kinda rude to open on the spot but jiu-ma kept asking to unwrap to see if size is right. So I 恭敬不如從命 loh!
Yippee 2 more sets of clothing added into my wardrobe. Luckily ah ma has cleared away some of my outgrown clothing.


  1. Javier & Jeanie Mum12:15 AM, May 09, 2008

    I guess soon Denz can walk with flying speed keke.

  2. Got good point and bad point for being able to walk earlier but I could only think of the negative side right now :p


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