27 April 2008

My Cheena Buff-Day :)

Today is also consider as my birthday according to the lunar calender.

We had a 'home-affair' celebration with all family members around except jiu-jiu and jiu-ma. Our star guest is Uncle Willie aka papa's good friend. Aunty Ailing didn't come along with Uncle Willie (must be Uncle Willie made Aunty Ailing angry :p)

Mummy said the celebration is suppose to be scheduled on coming Wednesday, my actual ang moh date but jiu-ma wanted to arrange food-tasting for their wedding on that day instead and at the same time celebrate my birthday. Woohoo...... Wedding of course more important right? Moreover, who will reject another round of celebration? :)

Initially I wasn't aware there will be a mini party for me as all my guests only flocked in in the late afternoon when I was tidur-ing. I woke up to realise that there were so many people in the house with the noise and the gifts on the floor.

Of course I'm happy like a bird to see so many people. Mummy also happy cos godpapa brought his company's camera to test out (sorry, dunno which model as mummy is blur blur one), thus he became my camera man for the event and mummy can retire temporary from taking photographs. :p

Mummy loves the close-up shots so much cos her LKK digital camera can never achieve this standard. I think gotto do with her snapping skill also lah, hahaha :)

Nice shots of ME, isn't it? *shyless*

After the guests had enuf makan-ing of lontong, satay, salad, finger food........specially prepared by ah ma, the long awaiting moment has arrived. Cake-cutting for me, Yippee!! Mummy bot me a STRAWBERRY ICE-CREAM CAKE from Angie The Choice. Yum yum yum...... :p
The cake was cleared right away after cutting. Wonder if the cake is too small or ah ma has cut the slices too big. However, everyone has gotten their share with the below 2 pieces for mummy and me but not enuf for 2nd helping.
I'll take the piece with cherries of course as I specially indicated my preference to reserve that particular piece for me. :)
Godpapa gave me some 'education fund' in the red packet and next I proceeded to the most exciting moment - opening of my pressies.
See what I have got??? Cool....from clothing to Art n Craft Play Sets. Thanks all for your presence and pressies.

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