29 April 2008

Alvin and the Chipmunks

After aunty Karen burned gave mummy a pirated copy of Alvin and the Chipmunks VCD, I got hooked on it since then. Actually I have already watched it in the cinema but now I have the luxury of watching it repeatedly and as and when I like while at home.

Papa being a super 'Original Guy', decided to buy the original copy for me. He is really very original one, always insist to buy Code 1 DVD. Papa actually wanted to buy "Enchanted" DVD for me cos mummy said dun need to waste money since got replica copy liao. However he saw this Collector's Edition with the 3 little chipmunk fellas inside the box looks rather cute and interesting, papa decided to buy this instead as he knew very well I'll love it.
True enuf!! Look at my happy look above upon seeing the 3 fellas. Mummy and papa's nightmares has juz started cos I not only want to watch once or twice but at least thrice a day (morning, noon and b4 bedtime). Think I could even recite and recall every scene b4 the screen shows. I sing the chipmunk song day in day out until my school teachers feedback to mummy and papa. :)

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