25 April 2008

Wenz' Portfolio

My colleague used to tell me that her intention to send her gal to childcare is to ensure her daughter is well taken care of with proper nutrition as well as learning. She has no problem with this but she keeps complaining to me that instead of providing convenience to the parents, her daughter's school requires parents to do some 'homework' with their children to foster stronger bonding.

She hates doing this type of homework as she finds it a hassle and she has tons of work to settle. Not only she has to work, she has to cook for her family, do house chores, coach her older kid, running errands and of course her own things to do. Talking about house chores, this already comprises loads of super-duper heavy things to do like sweeping, moping, wiping, cleaning, ironing and the list goes on. Thus she is rather reluctant whenever comes to this type of homework. I always console and encourage her to be more involved. Moreover this type of homework is quite easy to complete and is indeed good for building better communication and relationship. All you need is maybe a little of your precious time.

My gal went back to school after her long fever break. I was surprised when the school gave 'homework' for all parents to do as I did not expect playgroup also gotto do work. Every parents is being given a big file with instructions stated. All parents are required to do up their own child's portfolio. Now I can fully understand my colleague's feeling. I'm willing and happy to do such a task but this really took up a lot of my time. Filling up personal info, cutting and pasting are simple tasks to achieve but you need time to look for suitable material to cut and paste.

I spent the most time decorating the 6 dividers in the file. The 6 categories are Language, Numerals, Fine Motor Skill, Gross Motor Skill, Music & Movements and Social.

On a good note, this is really good as it bring back lotsa pleasant memory when I recall myself doing lotsa cutting and pasting during school days. Feel so young once again!!! :p


  1. hey those 'homework' looks fun scrapbooking... ;)

  2. now that u mention, it sure looks like scrapbooking eh. So scrapbooking originates from our simple cutting ang pasting. Cool :)


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